European Ecovillage Conference 2019

14th - 17th July 2019

La Comune di Bagnaia, Tuscany - Italy

gen the conference

Ecovillages in the World; the World in Ecovillages

Peace, Ecology & Social Justice

The European Ecovillage Conference 2019 (GEN Europe Conference) is an annual gathering of ecovillagers and seekers from across Europe and the world who are active or curious in the ecovillage movement.

In 2019, we gather in La Comune di Bagnaia, a longstanding intentional community in Tuscany to inspire ecovillagers, changemakers, seekers and global citizens across Europe and beyond with the innovative solutions being lived in our communities right now!

Established in 1979, Bagnaia’s core intentions are to live self-sufficiently, practice ecological care, and support positive societal transformations through peacework and social justice.

Guided by these values, our 2019 gathering will place attention upon practical participation, action and solidarity, so we may stand together strengthened by our unity and diversity, to address the great challenges of our time.

Expect to be inspired!

Share, participate and celebrate with hundreds of pioneers from across the European ecovillage networks.

By nurturing practical action through hands-on learning, participation and network-building,  we will ultimately generate a ripple-effect of post-gathering action, community-building and wider healing that will catalyse the more beautiful world towards which we are all aspiring.

Join us in Bagnaia 2019 to discover the world of ecovillages and ecovillages in the world.

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