we aspire to be carbon conscious

Meeting face-to-face is vital to creating the heart-centered relationships needed to sustain our work  and ourselves. It is important to recognize that our traveling to and from Bagnaia will emit many tons of carbon pollution and contribute to global warming, likely the greatest threat humans have ever faced.  


getting to la comune di bagnaia 

by car

For those arriving from the north (Milan,Bologna,Florence): Take the Autostrada A-1 past Florence to the Impruneta exit . Take the Firenze -Siena highway and exit at SIENA OVEST*.

For those arriving from south (Rome) : take the Autostrada towards Florence (firenze), get off at Val di Chiana and take the Siena- Betolle highway. You will get to the Siena "tangenziale", (beltway.)...

* exit at SIENA OVEST and continue along the "ss senese-aretina" road in the direction of Roccastrada, Massa Marittima and SOVICILLE for about 5/6km, following the indications to,the campsite "Campeggio la Montagnola". Turn right for SOVICILLE. At Sovicille follow the small roundabout, and take a right for ANCAIANO. The campsite is less than a km afterwards on the right. Continue till you see the sign ANCAIANO and turn right after it for La Comune di Bagnaia.

From the -west (Grosseto) take the Siena Grosseto highway and get off at ORGIA-Rosia; continue to Rosia ,then left to SOVICILLE, turn left in the direction of the "camping la Montagnola "campsite and ANCAIANO .. after the sign for Ancaiano turn right for La Comune di Bagnaia.

by carsharing

For those who are looking for or offering a carsharing ride look into this link. 

by train or bus 

You can get buses and trains to Siena.

option 1: From Siena you can get a bus #104 from the railway station or at 11:00 am from town center for PIEVESCOLA that stops at ANCAIANO. It is a 10 minute walk , following the sign at the right of the road to La Comune di Bagnaia. follow the paved road, bearing right to the top.

option 2: In Siena take bus #33 from Piazza Gramsci (in town center) to SOVICILLE. get off at the campsite, you have arrived.

Bus schedules at www.Tiemme.spa

by plane

The closest airport is Florence about 1.5 hours away from Bagnaia. From Florence airport there are regular shuttles to the town center where you can get hourly trains or buses to Siena.

In case of emergency 
Contact no: 0039 (0)577 311014
Be aware of the exact location, there is another bagnaia in the region.
Have a great travel! 


Moving towards
carbon consciousness

Our gathering will certainly have a net positive impact on the planet, but as part of our commitment to develop a carbon neutral conference, we are measuring the carbon footprint of our travel.

Moving towards carbon conciousness 


You will have the opportunity - and we encourage you - to input your travel type and mileage at registration stage so we can make the crucial step towards carbon consciousness and the accurate accounting of our CO2 emissions. Your travel type and mileage will not affect your ticket price.


We have partnered with Earthdeeds to make this possible. First, please follow the link to our custom calculator.  You can find this through our Conference Registration form or on the website.. Then, input any flights and ground transportation to estimate your travel emissions. For example, a roundtrip flight from London to Florence and some ground travel to Bagnaia will emit around 3.42 metric tons of CO2. Then, scroll down to learn what this means in real-world terms.


You can then see an estimate of the social cost -- the anticipated economic damages -- of these emissions, which is important for us to know, but we’re not asking you to contribute this amount.  Just click “Save” and Earth Deeds automatically aggregates our individual emissions so we can get a fuller picture of the collective impact of our travel.

let´s talk about it

Daniel Greenberg will share the results of our carbon calculations at the conference and looks forward to facilitating a discussion around how we might best account for the cost of our emissions.

@2019 European Ecovillage Conference