Every year, hundreds of ecovillagers and seekers from across Europe and the world come together to share, participate and celebrate with hundreds of pioneers from across the European ecovillage networks. This year, we head south.

Deep in the heart of Tuscany, between the treasures of Florence and Siena, among medieval hill towns and olive groves, nestled between wooded hills and vineyards, we meet the hosts of the 2019 European Ecovillage Conference: La Comune di Bagnaia ONLUS

We invite you join us there from July 14-17 for this year’s gathering, that celebrates the community’s core values:  “Ecovillages in the world, the world in ecovillages: peace, ecology and social justice”.


Registration is now open!

Bagnaia has limited capacity, so we invite you register early and prepare for a summer of community connection and exploration. If you are 25 years old or under, you can register for a lower donation until May 1st. Find out more on the conference website. Stay in touch via our social networks [Facebook], and register for the conference today.

In turbulent times, it is more important than ever to come together: to unite for peace, to protect and regenerate our planet’s fragile and precious ecology, and to work with all our strength and joy for social justice. Ecovillages can serve as beacons and touchstones to inspire us in this vital work, so we warmly invite you to join us in La Comune di Bagnaia this summer to discover the world of ecovillages, and ecovillages in the world.

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