Regional Logo EuropePNGGEN Europe is the European network for ecovillages and sustainable communities. Since 1996, it’s been our mission to support and connect this flourishing movement, encourage ecovillage development, educate for sustainability and ultimately create a world where empowered local communities are at the forefront of the creation of a fairer and more sustainable society.
GEN Europe is part of the Global Ecovillage Network: an ever-growing network of thousands of regenerative communities and initiatives that bridges cultures, countries, and continents through its five regional networks and its youth branch, NextGEN. We represent national ecovillage networks and ecovillages in 26 countries and counting.

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Rete Italiana Villaggi ecologici – RIVE (Italian ecovillage network) - founded in 1996, is the umbrella organization for ecovillages, intentional communities and several Italian transition projects and associations. Since its conception RIVE promoted and developed cooperation among its members and it encouraged and supported successful transition projects.
RIVE’s members are spread out on the entire Italian territory and they present different approaches concerning their organizational structures, economical sustainability and ecological standards. RIVE’s members are active citizens working in the educational field, promoting seminars and practical workshops for the identification and dissemination of “best practices” of sustainability through a responsible attitude towards the territory, its resources and all its inhabitants.

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la comune di Bagnaia

    • The commune has existed for 40 years; it was founded by a group of dreamers who, in the wake of the period of 1968, wished to create a different world, based on community living, the absence of private property and a return to the land. Even if the word “ecology”was not known then. The principle of self-sufficiency and a respect for the earth naturally pointed to the recognition of the commune as an ecovillage in 1996. From the very start LCD Bagnaia was present in the making of RIVE, and member of GEN. Outreach is a fundamental aspect of the group, which is active in local, national and international movements to defend the environment.

In 2008 the commune was given the GEN ecovillage excellence award, as recognition,in particular, for a project involving Palestinian and Israelis in joint activities, in collaboration with the association Windows For Peace.

Other numerous activities regarding the sphere of Peace and Social Justice are for example organizing, helping and hosting refugees, hosting representatives from the SEM terra movement in Brazil,conferences, lectures and ethnic festivals.

We aspire to organise the conference in a sociocratic manner. To learn more about our organising structure, click here the following links

 GEN's structure RIVE's structure


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