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The European Ecovillage Conference is a truly co-created event: we source our programme from the wisdom of our network of communities and associated movements across Europe and the world. Speakers and workshop leaders offer their skills as a gift to the conference, and to the creation of the more beautiful world to which we all aspire. 

The themes that will weave together this year’s conference programme are three elements that are are the heart of La Comune di Bagnaia’s values: peace, ecology, and social justice. The programme will showcase projects, solutions and knowledge to inspire practical action and lasting change in these three areas, both within us and in the outside world.


  • La Comune di Bagnaia has a long and proud history of peacework. We will learn from the experience of those who have dedicated their lives to the cause, and devise strategies to transition towards a global culture of peace.


  • The conference seeks to honour our mother earth and the wonderful and mysterious universe, our ultimate provider and sustainer, through ritual, celebration, spiritual practice, education and action.


  • With a commitment to international solidarity, we seek to ask searching questions of our movement and spark positive societal transformations with social justice at their heart.

We gather TO CONNECT in solidarity

to allied networks, movements and organisations across Europe and beyond so that we may learn from each other



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