Conference Areas

Emergence Forums

a unique cocreated space to deepen strategic conversations for action around our daily conference themes.

In-line with our theme of Ecovillages in the World, the World in Ecovillages, we intend to actively identify interlinkages and develop solidarity and shared projects between ecovillages, allied organisations and networks. Each conference day, we will dedicate open, creative space to deepen strategic conversations around inter-network collaboration and initiative development.

We wish to empower and activate inter-network collaboration between communities and ecovillages. To harness the ideas and energy of the conference, and inject potential and momentum into ongoing projects, identify inter-community partnership, and align strategy for broader impact. Simultaneously we will deepen collaborations between GEN networks and other community-led initiatives with external organisations, movements and networks whom are addressing wider systematic struggles.

Reminiscent of the birth of Refu-GEN: these spaces are intended to harness the collective intelligence, energy and potential present in the conference around critical local, bio-regional and international themes related to Peace, Ecology and Social Justice. These sessions will be owned by you! 


LEt us step into our potential and together create ripples for regenerative action

Tied deeply to our theme of Ecovillages in the World, the World in Ecovillages, we consider our communities as situated within the macro and micro-cosm and how we can align in solidarity for Peace, Rights of Nature and Social Justice for all.

Just as a mycorrhizal network develops deep symbiotic interconnection under the earth, our focus areas of Peace, Ecology and Social Justice issues are implicitly intertwined.

As we invite both a diversity of ecovillagers and activists from allied movements to inspire and create space for ongoing conversation and action around these critical themes, we invite participation in order to align our efforts for the emerging regenerative culture.


E.S.T.Expo – Ecovillage Sustainable Technology Exposition.

In Bagnaia we look forward to hosting the 4th edition of the E.S.T.Expo – Ecovillage Sustainable Technology Exposition.

The Expo is a demonstration lab featuring sustainable technologies and the reapplication of ancient knowledge. We invite all participants to share, demonstrate and present technologies from their communities, or from traditional knowledge, that are being used to tackle local or global problems. We aim to showcase how ecovillages are reducing greenhouse emissions using appropriate technologies, how communities practice crafts such as basket-weaving or bee-keeping for self-sufficiency and income, and how these simple solutions are accessible to all.



The future of our communities. We will hold a safe place where all children can interact, play, rest, snack, and enjoy stories, creative expression and adventures.

The Children’s area will offer childcare during workshops hours for children over 4 years, so parents can also enjoy a selection of workshops and take care of themselves at these times. Our volunteers will participate with some pedagogical experience and different language abilities as we strive for all children to be understood so we can fully meet their needs.

We open an invitation to co-create a rich programme for children, youth and parents and also those adults that are willing to share their gifts and games and who wish to become closer to their inner child.

For children under 4 years old we have a designated area inside one of the community buildings with all facilities for parents to be with their children and meet other parents. (Note: We are not able to offer babysitting for children under 4 years). This safe space is open to children and parents to socialize, play, paint, sing, tell stories, rest, change and feed. 

Artistic Expression

Celebration! We will share emotions through the languages of the body and the heart, giving everyone the opportunity to express their artistic talents, creating community through song, dancing, acting, playing, laughing ... breathing in unison under the stars. Creativity and participative spirit will flow through our gathering from the sunrise until the evenings, with the possibility of artistic expression punctuating each moment.


Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky. Gibran

Journey through three days of healing centred each day around our theme: Peace, Ecology and Social Justice:

…. A story of a tree….

Peace: Let us sow the seeds. The seed breathes in peace under the ground. Fed by water and oligominerals.

Ecology: The seed blooms. Mother earth opens giving space to new life. Life grows from beneath towards the sun wrapped by the atmosphere. Here it sprouts becoming robust.

Social Justice: We begin to perceive the form of a tree. Branches grow in all directions, they have different dimensions but they all come from the same tree. Branches dance with those of the other trees; all trees come from the same earth.

Got Questions?

You can use our contact page and write to our specific organisers. 

Thank you! See you at the Conference! 

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