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The European Ecovillage Conference is a truly co-created event: we source our programme from the wisdom of our network of communities and associated movements across Europe and the world. Speakers and workshop leaders offer their skills as a gift to the conference, and to the creation of the more beautiful world to which we all aspire.

The themes that will weave together this year’s conference programme are three elements that are are the heart of La Comune di Bagnaia’s values: peace, ecology, and social justice. The programme will showcase projects, solutions and knowledge to inspire practical action and lasting change in these three areas, both within us and in the outside world.

peace dove circlePEACE

La Comune di Bagnaia has a long and proud history of peacework. We will learn from the experience of those who have dedicated their lives to the cause, and devise strategies to transition towards a global culture of peace.

ecology leaf circleECOLOGY

The conference seeks to honour our mother earth and the wonderful and mysterious universe, our ultimate provider and sustainer, through ritual, celebration, spiritual practice, education and action.

social justice circleSOCIAL JUSTICE

With a commitment to international solidarity, we seek to ask searching questions of our movement and spark positive societal transformations with social justice at their heart.

The Presenters

More to be announced soon…

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Albert Bates
Albert is in many ways one of the godfathers of the ecovillage movement: as cofounder of the Global Ecovillage Network, the Ecovillage Network of the Americas (now GENNA) and the Ecovillage Training Center at his home community of The Farm, Tennessee, he has been at the forefront of the community and alternative technology movement for decades. Also a lawyer, author and teacher, today his pioneering work focuses on biochar as a tool for carbon sequestration. A humorous and engaging speaker, Albert returns to the European Ecovillage Conference in conversation on ecology and his new book Burn: Using Fire to Cool the Earth, as well as presenting a Biochar Masterclass to show show how biochar can revitalise soils, double our food supply - and maybe even save the planet.

Peter Harper

What had guided Peter Harper’s career over the decades? “I try to imagine the world my great-great-great grand-daughter in the 22nd century would prefer.” Peter has worked for over thirty years at the intersection of the environmental, alternative technology and community movements: as head of Research and Innovation at the pioneering Centre for Alternative Technology, a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation, and author and lecturer on sustainability - not to mention a sideline in political theatre, with pieces including The Trial of Daisy The Cow. Peter will argue for a programme of rapid decarbonisation based around a strategy of rapid deployment of low-carbon energy technologies on an industrial scale - sure to generate a highly stimulating debate.

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Mauge Cañada
Psychologist, facilitator, co-founder of two ecovillages, and expert in mediation and sociocracy, Mauge has 30 years of experience in collective organisation and community. In 2018, with the Iberian Ecovillage Network and with the support of the regional government of Navarra, Spain, she launched the project “Reinhabiting the land from a sustainability perspective: from abandonment to life”, a pilot project that applies ecovillage principles to rural regeneration and repopulation. The innovative project seeks to enable access to land, support new community groups, and become a model and reference across Spain and beyond for new ways of repopulating rural areas with a community and sustainability focus.


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